ELF Burning SUV's... How hypocritical!

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Jan 18, 2003
Southcentral PA
When SUV's are properly used as multi-passenger transportation, they are very efficient. (measured person*miles per gallon)

So why is E.L.F. torching the new SUV's? These vehicles have relatively clean emissions, I would think that the toxic fumes from a burning vehicle, along with the energy required to clean up the mess is worse than leaving the car be sold.

All ELF is accomplishing is making owning our vehicles more expensive by increasing the insurance rates, and the air more polluted by uncontrolled burning of materials that would have served a useful life and then be recycled.

I could go on countering their words and actions, but this one stands out as complete uneducated stupidity.

If they think they are getting a message across, it's not the message they hoped. The only message I see is that we have our own homegrown terrorists with just another hypocritical message.

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