Einstein 1 man play at Lick Observatory

Jan 9, 2010
Los Gatos, CA
Wifey and I went to Einstein at the Lick Observatory last night. It centered around the struggles to prove his famous theory.
The play included his personal life struggles with his family and others. Very enjoyable, even though perhaps a little over the top? Dunno...

"One hundred years ago on September 21, 1922, an expedition from the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton, California, led by Lick director William Wallace Campbell, conclusively proved Einstein’s general theory of relativity at a total eclipse of the sun in remote Wallal, Australia – confirming a new formulation of space, time, and gravitation that changed the course of science and ushered in our modern technological age. Einstein! underscores the importance of Lick Observatory’s role in verifying general relativity."

Tickets were very limited, perhaps 30 chairs. Afterwards, they opened up the dome and prepared the telescope. I was the 1st to peer into the eye piece. I viewed a set of binaries that were approximately 162 light years away... OMG...

The history of Lick Observatory is pretty amazing. James Lick bought up a bunch of CA real estate during the 1849 Gold Rush cheap as people got gold fever. He donated $700K ($1.2B today) to build Lick.

The stage.

The Refractor telescope. You climb a ladder to view through the eye piece.
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