Effect of "oil-mix" affecting UOA?

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
I'm thinking of mixing 2 different oils for my next oil change, but I also want to have my oil analyzed.

I'll probably have a mix of dino Chevron supr.10/30 and Delo 400, in 3:2 qts ratio.(or something similar)I wqant to thicken the Chevron 10/30 up a little, and already got some advice here about this.

Will my uoa still provide me with accurate enough data to evaluate the wear in my engine? or will it screw the values up?
Is mix-oil not recommended for some reason when you do UOA's?
Engine: 1997 4.6L sohc; 92,000 miles.
Please advice me; Thanks in advance.
I would highly recommend sending in a virgin sample of the mix for analysis. That way, you will know the exact viscosity and additive makeup before and after.

UOA's, in my view, are of less value if you have no starting values with which to compare.

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Yes-it will be fine. Also it will give you useful information concerning the viscosity and the additives. Should be no problem.
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