Edge FST in '12 Charger...Obsevations

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Jun 9, 2010
Merritt Island FL, USA
Hello all, I thought I would share my experience with Edge FST in my new Charger SXT 3.6 Pentastar. I flushed the engine at 300mi. and used PYB. The car ran great on it. Fully warm the idle oil pressure was about 32psi. and the max oil temp reading was 204F. I Changed the oil a few days ago to Castrol Edge FST (Gold bottle [SN]). I took it out on the interstate and then did some city driving and the hottest I could get the oil was 192F. So it is definitely running slightly cooler. I assumed this was because Edge tends to be thinner but the oil pressure has actually gone up slightly to 34-35psi at temp. I can't tell if it is running smoother because I already can't tell if it is on half the time. Very smooth gear transition. I took a highway trip about 500mi. (round trip) and I drove most of the way at about 83 mph with some lesser speeds and some higher with passing. I filled up and calculated 29.8 MPG not far off of the advertized 31 on the highway. So far very impressed with this vehicle. Anyway anyone know why she may be running cooler with "syn" that is not thinner than the PYB?
Is Castrol Edge/Syntec 100% grp III? Or does it have any ester/pao content? I have some of the Classic Car 5W50 and was wondering. Not that it probably matters,just curious. It`d seem that such a wide spread couldn`t be achieved by a dino?
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Is Castrol Edge/Syntec 100% grp III?
Edge SPT (Syntec) is group III (excluding GC). But he's using Edge FST (Titanium) which contains some PAO, according to some old Castrol FAQ that I can't find at the moment...
Engine will continue to run better as it gets more broken in. My hemi seems to have go fully broken in at 20,000 miles. These are 90% hwy miles. How many miles now on your charger now? My milage went up about 4 mpg on hwy from new till now.
My 11 Charger with a hemi doesn't take much work to get oil temps of over 210. You just need to get on it more. I'm currently running 0/20 Toyota oil. I'm do for another change at 5k, I'm switching out to Kendall FS 5/20 namely to make sure no issues on warranty but free Oil Analysis!!!! smile
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