Echo Red Armor Oil

Oct 23, 2007
East Coast, USA
Looking to buy an Echo hand held blower pb-2520 and want to get input on using Red Armor oil for warranty and durability. I already have a Husqvarna/ Redmax 150BT that runs good on Poulan Pro/Husky semi-synth oil , which is ISO-L-EGD and JASO FD certified as Echo requires for warranty. Last I check is was made by Spectrum. I would like to keep one can of premix. Is the Red Armor worth the 50% price premium over the Poulan Pro or any other quality oil?
my guess is you could find out who makes their oil and it's probably a big name. as long as it meets the specification or exceeds it you could probably use something from amsoil if you wanted to. if they've already supplied you with some oil use that but I see a lot of oil for Briggs & Stratton at home Depot and it just has their label on there but you're paying three times as much
To keep it simple you can use any JASO-FD rated oil. The Poulan is not a rated product but Echo, Husqvarna, VP, and numerous other brand names do carry the JASO rating and it is published on their bottles. If you don't see it on the bottle then don't assume it meets the standard.

Look for this little FD symbol and run your blower with confidence.
I have a bottle of the Poulan Pro and the label shows the certs for ISO-L-EGD and JASO FD and that is made by Husqvarna, but it is not shown on the web site.
Does it display the FD or does it just state that it meets it? That number in the FD square can be traced back to the company that filed for approval. If it isn't present then it's not approved.
I like the echo red armor and vp racing
for dollars a year I will use what I want and not worry about cost.
VP racing is under 10$ at walmart(I grabbed 3 on clearance at $4.63)
echo red armor last I checked was about 12-14 at home depot.
Its a good year if I burn 6 gallons of fuel in a year... (since I retired the 2 stroke snow blower)
I buy whatever 40:1 premix that is available. TruFuel 40:1 is more readily available. I have a Poulan Pro chainsaw, an Echo string trimmer, and an Echo edger. I run it in all three. I can’t justify mixing my own since, I use such a small quantity yearly.
If it impacts your warranty then use Red Armor oil. If not then any JASO rated oil will be fine.
PS.... I ran my Echo 2601 on Arnold and Amsoil 2 stroke forever. Still have it. Bought new in 2000. 2 carb rebuilds and 2 new trimmer heads. Sounds like a hive of angry bee's or a high revving chainsaw when I'm getting busy. Use highest octane fuel that you can find, keep the air filter clean, and all is good.
Baines farm supply had the Mystik JT4 Sea and Snow (FD and L-EGD licensed) in gallons for $23.

Best price I've seen for any FD L-EGD in any brand for a long time.
I apologize if this is a thread high-jack, but I literally just got off the phone with someone who manages a gazzionaire’s large estate and he recommended VP Racing fuel from Lowe’s (@$23/gal). He’s a bit wonky about details, so when he said 50-1 & 40-1, I said ”oh, you’re talking about 2-cycle.” He said, no, they have both 4 & 2 cycle, and use VP in both. looking at Lowes website, there it is: $23/gal, for 4-cycle, and various mixes for 2-cycle. Then I check BITOG.

my question is: for 4-cycle, is this stuff any better/different than just going to a no-ethanol gas station? I mean, he doesn’t care, because the gazzionaire ultimately pays, but he just claims it’s night and day different. Of course, all my life I’ve been using cheapest pump gas for the lawn mower, but if no ethanol gas from a station is better, heck yes I’ll pay $1-$1.50 / gal extra, but not $23/gal. Or am I being a total dumba*s cheapskate?
Buying canned fuel for 4 cycle engines is asinine if non-ethanol gas is available for a fraction of the price. The only time anyone should consider canned fuel for a 4 cycle engine is when a vehicle is laid-up in storage for years (i.e., collector's cars/motorcycles). Even then, you can get Sunoco OPTIMA fuel for less than $23 / gallon.
That’s what I thought, but just thought I would double-check…you know, in case “you get what you pay for,” which less and less true at Lowe’s & Home Depot.