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Why are their sales dropping? Amazon sales are rising.

Amazon's piece of the pie is declining: https://247wallst.com/retail/2020/06/15/how-rising-overall-online-sales-could-affect-amazon-stock/
Prior to the lockdowns following the coronavirus outbreak, Amazon's online retail revenue accounted for 40% to 44% of all online retail spending. That percentage has now dropped to around 35% to 37%, according to a report in the New York Times.

And that's a good thing. The sooner Amazon goes the way of Sears and Montgomery Wards the better off we all will be.

I can see why Ebay's sales are declining. They are seller hostile and have ever increasing fees and rules. Honestly they provide little value for the $$ they charge in fees.
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And that's a good thing. The sooner Amazon goes the way of Sears and Montgomery Wards the better off we all will be.

Even if someone happens to hate Amazon, or any other brand, don't people realize competition is good?

More competition inevitibly means more choices, more competitive pricing and more innovations. It also means more jobs. Why can't some people get this?
Some time ago I turned away from Amazon as an institution of organized misery of people picking and delivering what I might decide to order in the evening after having consumed the news. And about the same time ago I registered with "Oelcheck", some ubiquitous service from the neighbourhood that did my oil analysis and still stores the result for eventual trending if I went on with them. Now I won't as they recently stopped selling their sets themselves to the individual and drove that over to Amazon. Currently need to repair my engine, then drive it some, then drive it even further I guess. Whoever in Belgrade or Honolulu might want to analyse oil can tell me where to drive then. Any will be the better direction.
Anti e-commerce. Amazon happens to be the biggest player in that arena.

I, myself, shop locally to support my community. Highly doubtful that Bezos will ever care about the misery my community members go through with employment.
that is funny! wow!

sounds like the plot for a comedy movie

they were going for "sleeps with the fishes". dont see what wrong here, they were doing "what ever it takes" for the betterment of the company.
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Amazon is becoming more like eBay every year.

Haven't we seen the same story over and over?
After a brand builds customer loyalty they gradually turn around to exploit that blind goodwill for maximum profit?
And these days the big players doing this are bigger than ever.
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