EAA witness 9mm

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Apr 14, 2009
Just got a pretty good deal on a EAA witness steel frame, and was wondering what everyone's thoughts on the witness line up were. It is used and I was just wondering if there is anything specific I should look for when I receive it. I intend to Cerakote the frame OD green or Coyote Tan, anyone have any experience with the product?
My Uncle has one of those and its seen a zillion (okay maybe a few rounds less grin2 ) rounds and keeps doing its job. Trigger is a little sloppy (IIRC) when I shot it. But not a bad weapon for the price. I think mags are not as easy to get as other brands. (you may have to order them) LIKE the adjustable sights! thumbsup Be safe! Bill
There have been a few incarnations of them. The newer ones, which I can pretty much tell yours is, uses one frame for all calibers. Back in the earlier days there was a small and large frame size. The small frame size was for 9mm and 40 S&W, and the larger frame for 45acp, 10mm, ect. So when you order mags you want to make sure that you get the ones from the large/one size fits all frame. I had an earlier Witness 9mm with the small frame size in wonder finish. The one thing I did was to wolff springs in my mags and recoil spring. I shot hot 9mm loads so I put a little stiffer recoil spring. They are basically a little upsized and simplified CZ75, which was called by the late Col. Cooper as the best 9mm combat handgun ever made.
And the cool thing Pablo is that you can buy slide/barrel kits and change that 10mm into a 9mm, 40S&w, 38 Super(my fav), a 45acp, or a 22 plinker.
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