E4OD remote filter w/o return check valve?

I'm considering my options on a remote filter and cooler install for a '94 Ford E4OD trans with the small 5/16 cooler lines. Remote filter is the standard type that takes a 3/4 - 16 threaded spin on oil filter. I'd really like to increase the cooler/filter line size as well. If I mount the remote unit high and use spin ons with a silicone anti-drainback valve can I eliminate the check ball fitting in the cooler line return w/o suffering converter drainback? Dumb idea? Thanks for any input and tutelage.
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You are thinking ahead. Yes, it is possible that the added volume would drain down and be too high in the pan/sump of the tranny. Or an oddball converter drain may occur [not likely] - we WISH we could drain our converters! Above all, make sure the new filter is adequate for the flow of the tranny's fluid. They really move the sauce! I am not sure about a car oil filter being right for the job. I would be happier with some hard facts and numbers before installing anything like this.


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Thanks for replying...Ford put the check valve there to prevent converter drainback from what I understand. I just rebuilt the trans but did it by following directions rather than really understanding (haven't run it yet actually so I don't really know if I rebuilt it, LOL.) From what I've read a remote filter is a must after a rebuild...so my plan is to rough it in with the existing 5/16" line and check valve trying to change as little as possible. After I verify my trans work I'll change out the filters for ones spec'd for hydraulic apps, install my big lines and plumbing then check sump level vs. time for drainback issues. I'm running dual FL1A's for now as that's what I have on hand. From what I've seen on the market I hope there will be no flow issues. As always, I wish I knew more . wish me luck.