Dysen oil analysis interpretation...

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Jun 25, 2002
southwest Mo.
I'm about 100 miles out from getting an analysis done on my truck. How do you go about getting the Dysen interpretation through Blackstone Labs? I have a bunch of the Blackstone analysis kits but I got them before Terry started working with Blackstone on this. Thanks. Wayne
Pull the sample, include $35 and write on your data sheet that you want the Dyson Analysis #46 package. Easy as that, if you prepaid you'll need to include the cost difference or call Blackstone directly at 260 744 2380 if using a Credit card. Thanks for trusting me to perform the interpretation and helping support the site ! www.bobistheoilguy.com/terry.html for more info if needed.
Terry & Ken, Thanks for the info. Terry, You did an interpretation on my truck once before when I was running 5W-30 Mobil 1. You suggested running the 10W-30 instead, which I did on this oil change. I also did the Auto-RX clean up dose and am now running a maintenance dose in this change. I'm interested to see if my results will be much different with the 10W-30 and Auto-RX. Thanks again, Wayne
I remember your chevy V8 and a possible exhaust leak issue causing "engine" noise cold. I look forward to tests ! Terry
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