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Aug 25, 2002
Ontario, Canada
I have a manual VW GTI and use Mobil1 0w40 in the engine and the OEM VW synthetic tranny fluid 75w90.

Can changing these fluid give me better dyno results. Such as using a 0w20 in the engine.
I think you can pick up a couple hp by using a good syn. oil , and a thinner viscosity. But if your engine isn't recommended for a 20 weight oil you may be doing more harm than good, not really worth 1-2 hp. Redline seems to promote their ability to release a few hp out of engines, I'd be more inclined to try their oil with the proper viscosity for your engine. hth.
Why bother for the small gain you might see -- not worth risking any damage to the turbo bearing while applying lots of heat during a dyno pull. Your best bet to gain some dyno HP is to pass as much cool air past the intercooler as possible that way you are assured of the max in air density getting into the engine. Running the best 93+ octaine gas you can will ensure you stay off the knock sensor and pull decent timing with little or no retard. It also takes these engines some time to learn after any mods have been done so make sure you have a good hour of spirited driving on the engine before heading to the dyno for a pull. You can count on around a 15% loss of power through the drive train so unless you fill the trans with extremely thin oil, you won't improve the wheel HP by much.
The bottom line to HP from a 1.8T is to get a good 1-bar chip, free up the exhaust with a good downpipe and at least 2.5" exhaust pipe and then freeze the stuffins out of the intercooler -- it should be good for 200 to 220 Hp with about 240 to 260 ft.lb. of torque.
Is Redline 5w40 available in Canada.

I was going to use the 5w20 just for the dyno. I'd take it out right after the dyno. The same with the tranny fluid.

What about high octane race fuel?

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Sounds like a "one-pull wonder". I've never understood making non-streetable tuning mods just in hopes of besting your friend on a dyno. It doesn't matter what your slip says when you launch off a stop-light.

You can find Delvac1 5w40 in most walmarts. Black 4L jugs only. I also don't understand the need to "squeeze out" 2 hp for bragging purposes while actually doing harm to the engine.
I think the black jugs are Delvac 1300, I've never seen Delvac1 in any Walmart. Hope you are right and they start carrying it, stuff is expensive!
You can order it direct from Red Line. I don't know what they charge. Or there are a few online retailers. Can't post non-sponsoring vendors but if you do a search for it you will find some.
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