Dye in oil?

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May 12, 2006
Sheboygan WI.
My wife's 02 Tahoe has been in the Chevy garage FIVE times to fix a oil leak that seems to keep turning up around the oil pan.

Every time it goes in the shop, it is the same thing, clean the area and add dye to the oil.

Our warranty company does not pay for oil or filter replacement. Every time they work on it, the oil gets changed about 1,500 mile intervals.
This is getting VERY expensive since I bring them 5qts. of Amsoil syn. and a filter every time.
My plan is to do a annual oil change about 8,000 to 10,000 miles once this is fineally fixed.

Will the dye they add to the oil affect anything or, when we are sure it no longer leaks change it again? Wouldn't this dilute the addative package?

Thanks in advance!
With a 1500 mile OCI, I would NOT run a very high end and expensive oil like Amsoil. I would be running Supertech....seriously. If you don't feel safe like that spend like 1-2 dollars more and get Havoline, Superflo, or something. 1500 miles will not wear on ANY modern oils.

Save the tasty amsoil for when the engine leak is all better.
Ya run cheap stuff untill you get the leak fixed. Maybe in 1500 miles the leak is everywhere? Try 400 miles or so.

It only takes an ounce or so of dye to make it visible. I don't think it's enough to affect anything.
Thanks guys.
The only reason I kept getting Amsoil is because the dealer always seems to think they are confident they fixed the problem "this time".

Otherwise, I would have just brought the cheap stuff to them.
I am really kicking myself for this extended warranty. We bought it because I have been too busy to work on our vehicles for the past few years.
Hind sight is 20/20. I have spent more time and effort on this than just doing it myself!
There is no need to change the oil and oil filter after the dye is put it.
There isn't a lot of dye, for starters, and it isn't going to have any major (or probably even minor) affect on the oil quality or performance.

I'd just leave it in, at least until you are certain the problem has been solved.

If these guys can't find the leak after 5 times with dye, you might want to try another shop and see if they can spot the source.
Well, repairing the leak if its from a bad pan gasket or even front seal is very easy, however if that leak if front the rear main seal, its not really a job you want to do IMO. This is due to the fact that its usually a very big and long drawn out job for most vehicles being you must remove the tranny to gain access to repair it. The extended warranty is your friend in that case.

I feel your pain in the, "yeah I THINK the problem is fixed now" department. I had a mechanic that always said that only to have the problem quickly return. Even if they do apparently fix this problem eventually, give is a bit of time to make sure the leak really is gone. Say 500 or so miles of driving. If its really dry, switch your engine back to that sweet sweet oil.
Thanks for the responses guys!
They have replaced the oil pan gasket twice and then the oil pan, the oil filter housing and gasket, now they supposedly resealed the rear main.
The sad thing is, this is supposedly the best Chevy dealer in the area.
Almost every time they work on it there is a new excuse from where the leak is comming from now so they nail me another 100 bucks!

The only reason I get stuck going back is the warranty company keeps telling me to take it back there in hopes that it will be the same problem and the dealers workmanship warranty will cover it and save me the deductible.

This is what I have into the leak now, $100 deductable four times plus $25 worth of oil five times and $8 each for five oil filters!
Thats about $565 give or take for a job that was supposed to cost $100

It's not the money, it is now the principal!
This is no different than paying your insurance deductible for body damage....if the body shop didn't fix it to your satisfaction, you don't pay your deductible again to get it done right. It's not your fault that they're a bunch of glaring incompetents. It keeps coming back ON THEIR DIME until it's fixed, or you sick GM corporate on their butts (for all the good that would do).
Thanks guys..
I will just leave the dye in the oil till its time to change it.

Like I said, I am so busy that there is no time to fix it myself or bother with small claims.

I will tell everybody I can about my experiences with this dealer. I believe 1/2 the problem is, my wife usually gets stuck dropping the truck off and picking it up. I believe they play the "dumb woman" card.

Not sure if I can post the name of the dealer here or not. If anybody is interested I will post the name if given promission from a mod.

Does anyone have a lab report from oil with dye in it?

It would be interesting to see if the lab picks up on it and how it affects the oil.
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