Dutch Pantry Restaurants

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey

Does anyone remember Dutch Pantry Restaurants? They seemed to be a minor chain of restaurants, which I recall seeing as we headed south, maybe in Southern VA, NC, SC, etc.? I venture to guess that they were more localted throughout south and central PA and maybe westward into some of the Amish/Mannonite areas of Ohio and whatnot. My mother went to college in Selinsgrove, PA, and as I recall, she was always fond of the chain and enjoyed going there. We all liked to go, when we saw them... which as I recall was when we went on road trips (but we only ever went south, thus my connection with what I think was them existing in the southernly direction).

IIRC, they were yellow barn shaped places, with a little gift shop in the entry, and booth/table seating like the typical average family restaurant.

What was really great was that in some supermarkets, even in areas where the chain didnt exist, they sold their salad dressing. I dont know how to describe it, I dont remember well enough, but it was so good! I think it was sweet, maybe a sweet vinegarette type thing... maybe a touch of bacon, I dont recall well enough. But you could get it on salads at the restaurant, or buy bottles at the supermarket.

Do Dutch Pantry restaurants still exist? Can you still get the salad dressing?


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