Duralast Max Ceramic Pads Photos!

As I've had solid anecdotal experience including good performance, low/no dust, no noise with the Akebono ProAct on Honda applications, very unlikely I'd have any interest in topic pads. Also noting the comments on unchamfered pads and noise, would make leery of purchase. Looking at AZ pic of noted DCG 787 appears they 'could be' chamfered. Don't care enough to visit AZ to check though. And just off the phone with local AZ, price for DCG787 accurate as posted.
^^^ Agree, akebono's have served us very well in honda products, and had the exact same performance/feel as OEM chrysler in a late model grand cherokee. I've not been as pleased with them in volvos and trucks, both of which seem to need a pad with a bit more grip. Volvo oem brakes require less pedal force, and trucks need more stopping power (when loaded) than the akebonos seem formulated to provide. They provide excellent stop and feel in the hondas I've had them in though.
I've never done brakes in a European car, but if I did I would stick to a Euro brand of pads or OEM. However, since Nisshinbo bought out TMD in Europe and Akebono has a working relationship with Conti, NAO "ceramic" have been adopted by the European OEMs. Roulunds who made those AutoZone pads is a long-time Volvo supplier. The Critic sent me a pic of ATE pads off a VW that had Akebono friction. The Europeans are fans of high-friction metallic pads, but they are going towards low-metallic or ceramic.