Duragloss 501

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Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
I used Duragloss 501 on my 1987 fiberglass boat. While I like it on my Jeep, I am not sure its doing a good job on the gelcoat. The hull is white with a gray section about 6" wide about 3' above the water line. The white sections look OK, but the gray looks weathered. Its smooth as glass to the touch. Also there are some stain lines from the cockpit drains and the Duragloss 501 is not really doing much on the stain lines, even with some rubbing. Any suggestions?
It's only a mild chemical cleaner/sealant. With a boat of that age you might need some serious compound and a rotary buffer.
Go here for products, experts, and a forum dedicated to what you want to accomplish: http://www.marine31.com/ If you are trying to do this by hand you are spinning your wheels (cavitating your prop?). Machine power is required and the correct products.
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