Durablend 5W-30 or Motorcraft 5W-20, Mercury Sable

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Jul 10, 2004
Rhode Island
Hello, New to the forum here. I have been looking at some of the past posts here concerning both Durablend and Motorcraft oils. I have been able to determine that Ford now recommends using 5W-20 in my sable with the 3.0L dual overhead cam engine. I have until this point been using Durablend 5W-30, as the car originally called for 5W-30 oil, and it seems to be working just fine. However, after reading numerous posts about valvoline and motorcraft 5W-20 I am thinking about switching. The car currently has 50,000 miles and is a 2000 model. I am also comfortable with the motorcraft 5W-20 as this is what I run in my 03 Expedition. 10,000 miles with no problems. I have never had an oil analysis, and frankly never new there was this much interest in oil before finding this site. I would appreciate any recommendations you more oil savy personnel might have. Respectfully, Greg
Use the 5w20. Its more shear stable and a better oil than the durablend 5w30. Besides, youll probably get better wear #'s and a small increase in gas mileage.
[Welcome!] Since you know your motor is o.k. for Motorcraft 5w20, I would go with that. It's a real bargain for a blend and has shown great wear numbers in Ford engines. It also has a -49 F pour point which should help with the New England winters.
I agree with everyone else. 5W-20 Motorcraft will give you slightly better gas mileage, costs less and is probably more shear stable than the 5W-30 Valvoline Durablend.
Thanks for the welcome and all the advice!! I think I will be switching to the Motorcraft 5W-20 on my next oil change. Maybe I will pick up some MPG along with saving a couple of bucks on my next oil change. Greg
Comparing a 5w20 in one brand with a 5w30 in another is somewhat like apples to oranges, though I realize you are only trying to make an oil selection. I looked at the Durablend 5w30 in the UOAs and there are a couple where it held grade and performed quite well; a couple others where it sheered to 20 wt. I always thought the Durablend 5w30 was pretty good oil (used it for several years too). It would be interesting to see how the Motorcraft 5w30 compares to the Durablend 5w30, or compare both in 5w20. Still, the MC has the price advantage.
Your modern Duratec 3.0L will do fine with the Motorcraft 5W-20. Especially the new Motorcraft 5W-20 which now appears to now have some moly in it. As others have said it's a real sleeper oil. It holds it's viscosity better than most 5W-30 dino's and posts low metal wear in engines spec'd for 5W-20, especially Ford engines. And it's a bargain [Smile] . Since you are already using it in your Expy you must feel comfortable using it. Use it and do an UOA. We need to keep showing the 5W-20 naysayers that it is a REAL oil and does work well for engines spec'd for it [Big Grin] . Whimsey
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