Dunlop Graspic DS-2s?

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Jul 4, 2002
Has anyone here used the Graspic DS-2s? I'm going to go with these since theyre cheaper than the WS-50s for my camaro. 225/60R16 should work well, 0.5" taller but will clear everything and mount well on my 16x8s. (I run 17x9s summer).

If you've had an experience with these, let me know
I actually have these and they already saved me from an accident on ice @ ~60mph. I have them on my 99 Civic Coupe's steel wheels. I bought them as a quick and cheap replacement for my worn winter tires (mentioned below). I went with a narrower/taller size (175/70R14) than factory 185/65R14. First impressions: Very vague and floaty, will improve "slightly" as they wear off. Requires alot of steering corrections to keep car straight. Very low NVH, so pleasant on the ears. Just don't expect high performance in any area other than wet, snow, ice. They are far from perfect for dry accel/brake, and don't like to see high lateral Gs or they will get chewed up. This is the case with most "regular-performance" winter tires.

Before these I had 185/65R14 set of Michelin Artic Alpin, I average 2-3 seasons of spirited driving on my winter tires.

Because I drive rather spiritedly, I own a set of light (Rota C8) 15" wheels and have owned (chronologically): Avon Tech M500, Kumho ECSTA MX, Toyo Proxes T1-S on these wheels. So I accept no compromise when it comes to dry 3-season performance. That is why I decided once these DS-2s are spent, I am going with a set of Dunlop Winter Sport M3, a tire truly aimed at drivers like me.

Have you checked out the tire reviews on

There is a posted review from an 86 IROC driver that reads: "had never used dedicated winter tires before these. They have made the car very stable where before it was almost undrivable in snow. I like them very much. I put Kuhmos on for the summer with very good results."

The review section can be addicting.

This review + VelociRacer's comments make them worth a look.

I use Graspic DS1's on my wife's Civic and we love them... my only point is that all Dunlops are NOT junk.

Take Care,

Yeah Ive read the reviews hundreds of times
My main thing is I cant decide if its worth another $15/tire for Blizzak WS-50s.
Im thinking that it isn't, especially with me driving slow in the snow.
I have DS-2's on a 2wd Matrix. Great in snow, good on ice, but looser in handling department than WS-50's.
If you have deeper snow, DS-2 is a good choice. If you drive on well plowed roads at higher speeds, think about the WS-50's

Originally posted by Johnson994:
Dunlops are junk.

Dunlop is one of Goodyear's brand names, and most Goodyear tires are junk. The imported German Dunlop M2 and M3 snow tires, and the imported German Goodyear snow tires are superb.

I used the DS-2s on my Infiniti G20 and liked them very much. They are definitely a snow tire, you'll notice a BIG difference in dry-road handling, but they have very progressive breakaway characteristics in the dry, which made them fun to play with. In the snow they are comparable to other aggressive new-style snow tires, much better than old-style snow tires (wintermaster, etc.) They also seemed to last very well.

I have Hak IIs now, and they may be even better. But the Dunlops are a great deal and I'd use them again.

The WS-50 has the special ice-traction compound, but only for the first half of tread wear. Then, I hear differing things, but it either becomes a "regular snow tire," or a "regular all-season tire." The latter would make me say no.

- Glenn
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