Dump it or test it?

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Sep 4, 2003
Central Arkansas
I'm about to reach 5K on my first fill with Amsoil 5W30. Should I dump it, or test it and see if I can keep going? All the past OCI's were with M1 at 5K so the motor should be clean inside.

The reason I ask is that I have heard not to extend the first run with Amsoil.
I've heard the same thing, but I believe that was with going from dino to synth. In my totally unprofessional opinion, you could go longer seeing as you've already been using M1.
Very anecdotal, but for the price the stuff costs, I would think it should be good for substantially longer than 5K. If it's shot by now, barring any mechanical engine defect, I'd have to question the oil's claim to fame.
TC - Amsoil ASL 5W-30 full syn. doesn't cost that much more than M1.

KW- go at least 7.5K. Can I ask what the Fe readings were with M1. With the 4.0 that's usually the high wear metal.

And don't forget about the time limitation as well.
With M1 0W40 the UOA looked like this:

Aluminum 2
Chromium 1
Iron 14
Copper 4
Lead 8
Tin 1

silicon 6
SUS 69.8
flash point 355
fuel 1.0

5700 miles on the oil
It sees a lot of very short trips of less than a mile and on that OCI I drove it roughly 3000 miles on a couple of long trips on the interstate.

We have a few more long trips in the next few weeks (about 2500 miles in all) so the 7500 miles will be here very soon. And my wife stopped working at her job around the corner today so the very short trips will stop.
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