Dump it or leave it in??

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Feb 15, 2003
Southeast Kentucky
We are planning a trip in our Ecotec powered '03 Cavalier later this month and the oil will have about 2,800 miles on it when we start. I changed it in March to dino 5w30 Chevron, which is what it has seen since new. Round trip will be about 800 miles of mostly highway driving. The car normally sees mostly highway miles. I will do a UOA later this year but my gut tells me that 4K should be an ok interval for this oil and car.
Leave it in. The normal OCI is what 5K or 6K according to your owners manual. 2800 + 1600 gives you 4,400 miles on the mostly Highway oil. That is way below the recommended OCI.
Highway OCI for this car is 7,500 mi. but I would never dream of pushing any dino that far. BTW total miles on car is 17K.
Hiway miles are easy miles, unless your towing or going through some serious mountain traveling. A 4K interval sounds just about right. Enjoy you trip.
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