Dumb Question: Who does your UOA analysis?

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Sep 15, 2005
Raleigh, NC
I'm a newbie reading these threads and can barely keep up with all the acronyms!

Can someone tell me who and/or where they get their UOA analysis done?

Also, I've searched for an FAQ for this forum, but can't find one. It sure would be nice for a newbie to read an Overview of "Oil 101" that includes all the baseline insights regardingn principles / science behind oil, it's role in engine protection and the pros/cons of different applications. This way I wouldn't have to post such a dumb question :)

If there is such an overview or FAQ please point me in that direction.

I suggest you go to the "Support Our Sponsers" thread and consider either Terry Dyson or the Blackstone/Dyson package.

From my experience on reading through the UOAs on this site I have come to the conclusion that Terry Dyson knows more about UOA results than others who comment on them. I use him for my interpretations and have posted my UOAs on this site. The comments made by other readers render much less than you'll learn from Terry. You need to know what the results really mean and that is the only way you're going to really get what you need.

Go for it.
Agree with krholm. Both site sponsor labs are very good. Right now I use ANA Labs, but only because some time ago I had bought a package deal of 10 kits cheap. But when those run out, I plan to go with one of the site sponsors.
You can get a fully postage paid (both ways) kit from Amsoil for $25. As accurate as the the other labs, costs less, includes TBN. Call 1-800-956-5695 and tell them 515729 (me) sent you.
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