Duh moments while wrenching on vehicles

Greenville SC
Grabbing a standard socket to work on an import LOL.
I worked on hydraulic machinery and systems. While standard SHCS exist with 5/32. 5/16, and 5/8 hex sockets. the VERY SLIGHTLY oversize 4, 8, and 16mm hex keys (Allen type)have never failed to fit ... Better. 6 point and 12 point bolt heads are not as small, so the "standard" wrenches or sockets offer less advantage, EXCEPT I'll usually try a 1-1/4" before the designed 32mm. It's technically 0.010" undersize. With my Williams SuperCombo wrenches, I cannot do that; they are made to better tolerances, like the rest of Snap-On products.

It's interesting to compare "industrial dimensioned" the industrial product lines to the medium duty lines ... while Snap-On SOEXL are among the best products out there, the Williams SuperCombo, made in the same factories, is far superior when maximum torques are needed; less flex, slightly wider jaws and boxes. They also weigh more, and when those features are not needed, automotive, are a disadvantage.

I'm not putting the competition down ... SK, Wright, Proto, and others also make both ... of great quality ... But if you tighten a grade 8 bolt with the SOEXL then the SuperCombo, you will KNOW the difference.
Birmingham, Alabama
Changing the front and rear brake pads and rotors on my 2008 impreza 5 speed hatchback in my driveway. The driveway is on a slight slope and I had the car up on 4 jack stands. Got the pads and rotors changed and was in the process of getting the wheels back on did the drivers side and lowered the car off the jack stands. Was working on the passenger side, had the wheels on and lugs hand tight and as soon as the weight got off the last two jack stands, the car rolled the jack and started down the driveway. I had forgotten to set the parking brake and put the car in gear. My wife’s scion was parked behind my car. Instinctively I jumped behind my Impreza and tried to stop it from hitting her car. I was unable to stop it and at the last second I jumped up on her car and managed to get everything out of the way but my left foot. The cars met bumper to bumper with my foot in between them. I summoned my superhuman strength and managed to actually push my Impreza off of my crushed foot and back up the driveway. As luck would have it I started yelling for my wife to come help but she was in the house glued to “how to stab your husband with an ice pick” on the Lifetime Movie channel and didn’t hear me. Luckily, the neighbor kid did and I was able to direct him to set the parking brake.

I spent 2 weeks in a walking boot. Thankfully, the local doc in a box/veterinarian/ airport and tire mart didn’t see anything broken on the X-rays.
I was replacing the clutch in my 944 Porsche. Had removed everything but the bellhousing. Took out all the bolts and the sensors and tried to wiggle it out through all the other stuff under the car. Tried rotating it twisting it and everything. Wife came out to the garage and announced lunch was ready. I crawled out from under the car and I heard a loud noise. Turned around to look and the housing had fallen out on its own. I yelled "oh No". #Wife says "that was what you wanted wasn't it" I proceeded to tell her that if I didn't know how to line it up to get it back on, that I might not get it back in there. Anyhow after lunch I did manage to get it put back on. Real DUH!