Dropped to neutral on highway..

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Jul 16, 2005
I was on the highway going around 65 when reaching for something i pushed the automatic shifter into neutral.. I did what i thought best and tried to match the rev according to how fast it should be at with my speed and put it back into drive.. Any harm from doing this? thx.
Very, very, unlikely that there was any damage. You performed the absolute best method of getting it back in gear, with an auto, under the circumstances, BTW.
I did this several times on my 97,000 mile Subaru. The rev limiter saved me at the tack bounced to 7,000 rpm several times before I realized what happened. That was at about 40,000 miles and no problems to date.
I don't like the transmission gates that they use. I think that going from Drive to neutral should require a concious decision, i.e. press the button. As to column shifts, my first car had a column shift 3 speed auto. Twice while going 50MPH or thereabouts I managed to get it into reverse while trying to go from 2nd back to drive. Survived OK. Unlike my brother's premier with 307 and powerglide. His female friend grabbed the shift and tried to drop it into neutral at 80MPH, and grabbed reverse. popped it.
I really don't see any harm being possible dropping it into Neutral at speed.. I mean, that's why it's called Neutral, after all. I did accidentally (don't ask) put an early '90s Lumina mini-van into reverse @ 65mph once. All it did was bog the van down for a moment, and then the engine died. No harm done far as we know - the engine started a rod knock (among other things) but the tranny was fine.
A cat once got lose, fell on the column shifter, and shifted my car into 1st while going 65 mph. The engine raced for a second, then the transmission seemed to go into neutral. No harm was done.
When I was in high school, I used to do this to my '88 Camry on purpose. Countless times, and to an aggressive degree. Even from a stop with high RPM's -know what I mean? Now, I know how dumb that was - there's no need to roast me about it. That car, transmission and all, ran perfectly even when I sold it with 150,000 to someone in college. Three years later, I saw it in a parking lot. I could tell it was the same car from the rust spots and from certain dents/scratches. I peeked at the mileage....195,000! Had to be the same tranny because a new one would have been worth more than the car itself. I'm sure your car is fine, aoar. Happy driving!
thanks for the input guys. always good to be reassured. They really should require you to press the shift lock button to move into any gear.. oh well.
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