Dropped in the Amsoil 10W-40

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
In the Volvo 855. After the 20K, I just went about 5K miles with the ASL 5W-30 (didn't do a sample for UOA).

The Amsoil 10W-40 (AMO) is in the same basic construction category as the ATM (10W-30) and ASL (5W-30) as far as I can tell. Same price. (cost me just under $4.50 qt)

Anyhow this is the first time this car has seen synthetic XW-40. I can say the idle is more quiet. Interesting. I will run it 5-10K miles and do a UOA. Using a Mann (Volvo OEM) OF.
No UOA Pablo?

The 10w-40 is SL/CI-4 rated for use in gas and diesel engines. It is the diesel requirement that drives the use of the calcium based detergent chemistry and the absence of friction modifiers.
This probably isn't the optimum Amsoil product to use in this application, but I happened to have some around. I noticed the 10w-40 also thinned out a bit when used in the Subaru URX, but I haven't noticed it in N/A engines. The lack of oxidative thickening also means that you are going to notice and shearing that occurs

Pablo, TS ran this oil in his TT and had this to say about it. I don't think it has any FM as stated above so you might want to consider that.
Thanks Buster. I remember reading that. Considering the car has lived most it's life on 5W-30 and that the car is not a turbo, I think this oil will be good. As I said I'll do analysis at 7.5K miles or so and see what gives.
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