Drag Race: Lamborghini Aventador vs NEW Tesla Model S Performance

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Model S P100D "Cheetah" over-the-air upgrade just released today.

Adds 46HP, faster 0-60, faster 1/4 mile, better thermal
management on repeated runs. Active suspension setup for better weight transfer on launches.

Here's before and after data on the exact same car on the street. These are also with the big heavy wheels.

Source: DragTime YouTube channel.
[Linked Image]

The guy on DragTimes thinks it'll do 10.3 seconds with the lighter wheels and on a prepped drag surface.
The Lamborghini is a drivers car. It's got an exhaust note that is legendary alongside a racing heritage. It does EVERYTHING well except mpg and lacks room for anything more than you and a slim lady. I could drive the Lamborghini back to Casper Wyoming in a day no problem. The Tesla will need long recharges but will probably have more leg room and comfort for the journey. I can add better bolt on parts to the Lamborghini from nitrous to a full catless race exhaust that could wake the devil. I'm a car guy and the only happy medium between these two cars would be the new Acura NSX!
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Exactly - it's a 12 second stunt. Blindingly fast.

I'm curious, how are Tesla sales in Germany? How do they do on the autobahn at sustained high speed?

They don't. You hardly have enough open autobahn to try and all Teslas I saw so far idle along at 120 kph to get to their destination.
The one wasn't even bothered by a FORD Focus RS and merely kept to his 120 kph...
The results aren't surprising. The instant max torque of electric motors compared to fossil fuel powered engines is advantageous. The top speed of the electric motors/heatsoak, not so much.

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Can I have both?
Actually, the Tesla Roadster will spank anything out there.

Since we're talking about imaginary vehicles, the Starship Enterprise will spank the Tesla Roadster.

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Could the Tesla keep up with a rental VW wagon?

The Tesla would demolish the VW wagon during a quick 10 minute track session. Every session after that it won't last more than a few lap. (Seen it, somebody brought out a BMW i8 and a Tesla @ Autobahn Raceway in Joliet years ago.)
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