DQ50DC fan motor help

Jul 13, 2020
I have a metal box type fan that swivels on a stand and is 3 speed. Several months ago I was using it to dry a sofa that I had just cleaned with a water extractor. I set it up, went inside, returned and it had stopped working. No odor, no hum, no movement at all on any of the 3 speeds.
Finally got around to it yesterday. The 3 speed switch has wiring to a black box (that I cant open) and a red wire and black wire out of the black box that leads to a sheath and joins the other wires (white, blue, orange, green, red,gray) to the fan motor. The green wire exits the motor casing and is attached to a ground screw on the casing.
Sigh..I thought I could figure out which wire is the high speed one to the motor and just secure it and have a Single speed fan. I can’t open the motor. It has DQ50DC on a sticker and that is the only marking.
I played with connecting the plug wire (green, black, white) to the same color wire and could get it to turn slowly. Tried a couple of other combinations and tripped the GFCI, and once got it turning again but the motor started smoking.
Suggestions? I’m afraid the motor may be gone....,.


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Nov 2, 2021
Probably a run cap in the black box. Yea it’s good chance motor is shot possibly the windings shorted to ground that’s why the gfci tripped. Or bad cap will draw an excessive load thus tripping breaker or gfci.