Downhill at Wal Mart

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Dec 4, 2004
I just returned from a trip to Wal Mart. Their selection of motor oil is about 1/2 of what it was last week but the Fram selection has about doubled. You almost need sunglasses there is some much orange in the isle. The selection of Supertech filters is just about extinct.
My Wal-Mart appears to have expanded their oil selection. There's almost an entire aisle of it now. I found everything I would be interested in buying, which was Pennz Plat, Mobil1, Havoline, and Motorcraft, all in 5w-20. This is actually the first place I've ever seen with Pennzoil Platinum 5w20, I was impressed. Oil filter selection was total crap though, all Fram and a bunch out of stock.
I've noticed as well that up in Canada the selection has gone down a lot as well.....can't get AC Delco filters anymore, no Havoline, just less selection in general in just the last 4 years or so!
Was at Walmart checking out the oil just yesterday. Helped some woman get oil for her Mazda. Didn't speak English so well... was pointing at the "for gasoline engines" logo on a jug of Esso 10W30 and saying "This is good, yes?" Asked if it's a new car and she said it's a '95. Tried to steer her to 5W30 but some nearby old guy insisted 5W30 was "only for new cars". [Roll Eyes] So I gave up and let her take some Walmart-brand 10W30. She was kinda cute too but I don't flirt well in front of an audience of old men. Oh well.
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