Don't Sleep On Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic

I used a lot of Valvoline up until about 2002. I also used some Texaco Havoline and Motorcraft. I really can’t think of a reason why I stopped using it. I guess the price was getting a little high for me. I may start buying it again. If I can find it online for a good price.
I run it in my 2021 Traverse, engine is quiet and fuel economy is excellent for a vehicle of this size.

Will be going to Valvoline EP the next oil change on my GF's '21 Acadia Denali AWD 3.6L. Currently has Motul in it.

When we took it on vacation (put on 1,200+ miles), we averaged 26.6 mpg over the entire trip. This included 2+ hours of off-road driving at idle in off-road mode on a bumpy/narrow two track to get to a waterfall on the US/Canadian border (the 23.22mpg tank below). I was very impressed with how efficient that vehicle is for it's size and aerodynamics! On the way home we averaged 30+mpg....actual. The vehicle said we could go 660 miles on that tank, as I filled it up with half a tank left yet.

I just did a CRC intake valve cleaning before we left and will be doing one annually.