Don't Freak, The White Powder Is Aspirin Crystals

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll

According to local officials, the Bayer Aspirin Company will be deploying a nationwide mass mailing ad campaign that seems a little "misguided."

Between May 20 and May 29, the Aspirin Company will be sending out 178,000 envelopes. Of those envelopes, 33,561 will contain a sample of Bayer Aspirin Crystals, which is a white powder.

Did they ever have "Bex" or "Vincents" over there ?

There was a great Oz saying "going to have a Bex and a lie down".

They were white greaseproof paper sachets of aspirin and pure caffeine, in stick chewing gum type packets...people used to take them every morning to "prevent" headaches.

Wrecked a lot of kidneys.
Wow, this is great for all the coke-heads... When they have a headache then can snort their way to feeling better.

Got a tooth ache, rub it on your gums too!

Bring it on I say!

P.s. Whats next? Pixie-Stick Oxy-contin?
Funny thing is that Goody's has been like this for years. I still buy it now and then. Originally when I was a Nascar sponsor sheep I bought it; now I buy something name brand if it works and I can afford it.
Originally Posted By: Pablo
I assume it will be appropriately packaged.

It comes in two versions. An pressurized dispersion packet that activates upon opening the mailer ..and a conveniently folded paper snow snifter.
This idea is too similar to the one of flying AF1 over the Statue of Liberty for a couple of pictures, and terrifying thousands of people while doing so.

You think about it for a few minutes and the answer is "...and WHO thought that this wouldn't be a problem somewhere down the line?"
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