Dont change your oil....

I kinda like what this guy says. I would ove to see a UOA from his engine.
OMG that's horrible. Although I haven't changed the oil in the new civic for 12,000 so far, got another 13,000 to go before it's changed. But the filter will be changed every 7,500. Synthetics are great.


Central Arkansas
I rebuild motors pretty often and to find a motor like that is more the norm than not. I'd say about 90% of the ones I pull apart are gunked up like that. I honestly believe the average Joe never changes their oil. I'm doing up a 4.3 V6 now for a buddy of mine and the nasty tar stuff was like a jelly mold under the valve covers. It's so nasty! I assume the oil was so dirty that it became abrasive, it had to go .060 over to clean the bores up and the timing chain was so loose I could almost remove it with out pulling the gears.
Cordelia, CA
Course, when I cut my teeth on engine work, back in the mid eighties, even a 3-4k oil change engine was pretty gunked up. I was pleasantly suprised when I pulled the valvecovers on the Impala and found everything to have only a light coat of varnish on everything. Course, it has had 2 ARx treatments and a steady diet of LC...
No its 15.5hp stock, 20hp with a brrrp-can muffler and a wing. Turbo decals add another .2hp. Ricer forever!!!! Dan