Done with M1 0w40

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Oct 24, 2002
Detroit (Rock City)
I thought this stuff sounded so good, too! I was using it in my 12psi turbocharged Miata, which has approx 220hp at the wheels. Mostly a daily driver, I do take it for lapping sessions at the local tracks. The problem is consumption, and the consumption pattern. I just got back from a 5000mi road trip over which I consumed about 1.5qts of oil. Not a lot, but there was no consumption for 1100 miles then I started losing it. 15w50 never did this, so I'm going back to a 50/50 blend of that and 10w30. Cheaper, too.

15w-50 is likely the proper weight for a 12 psi turbocharged car.

Just out of curiosity (& for comparison), what does "really cut the consumption down as compared to 10w30 (which was pretty bad)" mean? What is your 10W-30 consumption with this engine, & what is your 50/50-mix consumption?
It was last year, so I'm going by memory. Seems like with the 10w30 it'd burn a quart every 1k _after_ about a thousand miles. With the thicker oil blended in it was maybe 25% of that? Sorry that the details are a little blurry- I don't keep track of stuff like that.
OK, thanks. I know human memory's not the best "archival" storage medium. (Just ask my wife ...
) Going by your "kinda-sorta" numbers, it seems that the 0W-40 really didn't do much worse than your 50/50 mix:

0W-40: 1.5 qt/5000k miles
10W-30: 5 qt/5000k miles
50/50: 1.25 qt/5000k miles

My Saab 9-3 lost no 0W-40 in 4700 miles, so I'm interested in hearing how your 50/50 mix turns out for you.

I had some consumption with 0w-40, but nothing severe. M1 gives you the option of mixing so adding 15w-50 to some 10w-30 is a good idea or just go with Redline or Amsoil as stated above.
I ran the 10w30/15w50 combo last summer, and IIRC it really cut the consumption down as compared to 10w30 (which was pretty bad). I should get in at least one more 5k interval in this season, so if I get better consumption patterns I will certainly report back

No Redline for cost reasons; M1 15w50 costs about half what Redline does. Not to bag on Redline- I wouldn't use anything else in my gearbox/diff, but in a 5k interval easily 4500 is at highway cruise so I can't justify the additional expense. Also, the blend is significantly cheaper locally, with 5qt jugs of 10w30 and 15w50 at wallyworld for $18.88 (3.78/qt) vs. about $5/qt for the 0w40.

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That's funny, because I have been running 0W40 for almost 2 years now in a car that has peak boost of over 25psi and still has 14psi at 6500rpm. I change it every 5K miles and see very little consumption. Never had to top off.
Yeah, I don't know what to think about it. It's the pattern that's weird to me- if I was using oil right from the start I could accept that my motor was just getting loose, or that the turbo oil seals weren't sealing so well. It's been the same thing over several intervals though- no consumption for 1-1.5k miles, then the level begins to drop.

Whatever; the thicker juice worked good last time let's see if that still holds true.

dbrowne/quadrun- what cars?
I'm not a fan of the 0w-40, but there is no other oil that offers a 0w-40. It's a good oil that after 15k miles is probably still in grade. Its a huge spread meant to cover long drain intervals.
Buster did you mean no other oil company offers a 0W40? Motul, BP, Castrol, Sunoco, Comma, Total, Amsoil, Golden Spectro, Bel-Ray, Ipone, Shell, Esso, Delphi, Masterlube, Elf, Lubro Moly, Fina, and my favourite Farmers of North America all have 0W40.
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