Dollar store squigee cut my windshield!

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Feb 13, 2003
It has a metal frame with a rubber blade.The two big rivets (hold the handle to the blade) that touched my windshield ,in the center of the windshield, scratched it like a diamond cutter.Holy ****...any ideas to get the scratches out?The auto joints want $85 and I know a rock is going to hit it right after I'm done with it.Well this windshield lasted almost a year [Roll Eyes]
Define the work to be undertaken by the "auto joints": Autoglass replacement or autoglass repair with an epoxy resin of very close to the same refractive index of crown glass? If you attempt to simply buff the scratches out with a fine abrasive followed up by polishing with an even finer abrasive, you'll end up with some degree of optical distortion through the affected area. (It's inevitable - the result will change the glass thickness at the local site of the scratches to at least the depth of the scratches, but spread over a broader area.) Whether the distortion would be significant enough to noticeably distort depth perception is largely dependent on the depth of the scratches, but would certainly be a source of annoyance if it's anywhere close to your line of sight while driving. (Return the squeegee to the Dollar store - I'm sure they'll refund the purchase price without an argument. [Wink] )
Were the rivets steel or aluminum? Take a closer look at the damage. If it's aluminum, it's simply a transfer of metal to the glass and should be buffed out easily with abrasive compounds without much of the abovementioned distortion.
I'd look for one of the squeegees Wmart or parts stores have that while are all plastic are rather reliable. I have one in each of our cars as one never knows what people wipe off of their windows. I saw one nimrod actually swipe down both his quarter panel and his 5 gallon gas can. [Eek!] [Mad]
If the scratch is not too deep, try tooth paste. Try a test area first with a wet papertowel and a small dab of tooth paste. Gentle circular motion.
Well thanks for all the advice but I got the cuts out...well 99% anyway.Ray you are correct with the distortion theory,the guy at the auto glass joint said the same thing you are saying about size of scratchs,place to be buffed out,windshield viewing distortion etc.It wasn't a transferance of metal,it was scratchs,four to be exact,due to two passes of the squigee on the widsheild and two rivets.I took my Dremel tool,a buffer tip,some red jewelers rouge and carefully traveled down the 3 inch cuts....viola! the scratches seemed to disappear!After very carefull examination they are still there but in minute,hairline configuration.In other words you really have to look for them to be worse than some scratches left from dragging a dry wiper along the windshield with a little dirt on the glass.Thanks for all your suggestions,the teeny-booper at the dollar store was very sorry about my malaise [Roll Eyes] I'm just glad I have my trusty Dremel..that thing has ppulled my fat out of the fire more than once [HAIL 2 U!]
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