Does Walmart do transmission flushes?

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Aug 30, 2004
Just curious...does anyone know if Walmart does transmission flushes?

If so, how much and what fluid do they use? I wonder if they use the Supertech Multi-Vehicle ATF?

The girlfriend had them install her battery.
They managed to rip a wire off her headlight and
break the headlight plug
and it would have cost me xxx$ in new wiring harness from the dealer(ya right). but I just rigged it up.
One visit to the junkyard.. and some wires and soldering later... voila.

Had it been my car, it would have gotten done at the dealer, and WalMart woulda' paid. Or the local newspaper's consumer affairs columnist would have been getting a letter...
I heard they were getting alignment equipment but that got stoped because of fears that Wal-Mart would mess things up.

I know they are supposed to top off your power steering and check your transmission (dunno bout fill). At least they did in the Mid-West (not out here in California). - For the 15 point oil change.

Of the hours of training that Wal-Mart TLE employees go through people still manage to mess things up badly. Just not enough supervision from experienced mechanics in my opinion.

Originally posted by OriginHacker21:
..Of the hours of training that Wal-Mart TLE employees go through people still manage to mess things up badly. Just not enough supervision from experienced mechanics in my opinion.

Sad thing is, the same goes for dealer service these days. They only have X amount of top knotch techs. The rest are the ones working on most of the vehicles in the shop. You PAY for dealer service & most of time you don't get what you pay for.

sadly, jtk speaks the truth. the dealership is the last place i would expect a directional tire to be put on can i trust a place that screws up a simple tire rotation?
I worked for Wal_Mart in Canada about 4 years ago, and at the time they did tranny flushes, the pump and fill method (no tranny pans taken off). They usually went fairly well, but the stressed out new techs like crazy worrying about them going wrong.

Apparantly, this worry got to the company as a whole, as they stopped doing them completely about 1.5 years ago - just too much of a risk. Shame, it was a good value!
I think the brake fluid reservoir was "topped off" with P/S fluid by WM some time ago on my 92 Nissan p/u when my son was off at school out of state and I wasn't doing the regular maintenance. Nothing $1000 couldn't square away but at least I have a new brake system. And a lighter wallet.
Heh, must have resulted in what they say now... I was told that Wal-Mart TLE employees can't touch 1. Coolant or 2. Brakes.
While I was employeed with Pennzoil, one of my jobs was Wal-Mart training for the stores in Wisconsin that used either Pennzoil or Quaker State.

They do not change transmission by any means. They will add if it is low. Whatever the featured oil is, is the brand of transmission fluid they use.

They do not touch the brake fluid and will only add coolant to the overflow bottle if needed.

They will change your oil, grease your fittings if you have any, add gear oil if needed, and air your tires. Oh, they also add washer fluid if needed, and will change out light bulbs.

Their bulk oil tanks are 500 gallons each of 5W30 and 10W30, and their ATF, gear oil, and grease are in 120 Lb kegs. If you want to know where this bulk equipment is, it's behind the wall of batteries in the TLE across from the counter.

This is the last place I would take my car. They change employees like I change underware. And don't ask for graphics.
I went there one time about 10 years ago and asked about an oil change in my BMW at the time (pre-bitog and in the days before I had my own place to work on vehicles).

They turned me down, even though I had the filter and the oil. They said they weren't allowed to do oil changes on BMW's, Mercedes or any other car with an expensive engine. Liability.

My guess is their insurance company is limiting the financial damage on the inevitable "forgot to tighten the drain plug/filter...forgot to add oil".

What johnny said...the guy who's changing your oil today was putting goldfish in bags of water yesterday...and their insurance company knows this.
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