Does the new Honda Accord i-VTEC engine have oil comsumption problems?

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Aug 13, 2002
Heard that Honda VTEC engines suffer from high oil consumption. What about the new Accord i-VTEC engine?
Our new Honda Pilot (with 3.5 liter VTEC) has no noticeable consumption problems at 13,700 miles.
I think the oil usage on VTEC engines usually occurs with the 4 bangers, especially the H22a engine in the Preludes. Like I've stated before, my car uses no oil until 3-4K km, no matter how hard I drive it. After that it starts consuming up to 1L/1000km.
We've had a few people in our club that were consuming almost 1.5L/1000km ALL THE TIME..
They got a new short block from Honda after some bitching. I'm not sure how the new 4 cyl IVTEC engines are behaving. You might want to try an RSX board for some feedback.
I have a 2002 CRV that has the same 2.4 160hp 4 that the 2003 accord has. I am up to 11,000 miles and have no oil consumption at all.
My 2002 3.2VTEC 230hp -6 (with 11,000km) has very little oil consumpton. Thus far I have used Honda factory fill / Honda 5w20 / Valvoline 5w30 syth and currently using RP 5w30.

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Originally posted by oilboy28:
I have a 2002 CRV that has the same 2.4 160hp 4 that the 2003 accord has. I am up to 11,000 miles and have no oil consumption at all.

Is this a 5spd or an auto? How often do you hit VTEC/redline. That's where most of the oil consupmtion takes place.
the new k20a engines on the new Civic Si and RSX seem to be using a fair bit of oil the first factory fill up to about 7000 miles, after that it seems to settle down quite drastically ,it is assumed the break in period finishes around that time. The 5w-2o oil certainly doesn't help things.
VTEC has no relationship with oil consumption.

The only reason some VTEC engines might have more consumption is because the owner takes advantage of the higher redline made possible by the extra breathing of the higher cam lobe.

Hondas that "notoriously" consume oil (more like: have the similar oil consumption other makes consider normal) are FRM cylindered engines, mostly at break-in. This is just the Prelude and S2000 as far as I know.
Honda's 160hp K20A3 uses little oil but the 200hp K20A2 has a reputation as an oil burner. Of the three oils I've tried in my K20A3 so far--5w-20 factory fill, M1 0w-30 and 5w-30-- my highest consumption rate by far was with the 0w-30. My lowest was with the 5w-20 closely followed by the 5w-30.
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