Does Syntec 5W-50 have moly in it??

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Jun 19, 2003
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Hi I did a search under VOA and could not find anything about Syntec 5W-50, I am thinking about 50/50 mix of Syntec 5W-50 and Castrol GTX 5W-30 in my dad's piston slapping Grand Am 3.1. Two months ago I put Delvac 15W-40 in it and now when it warms up (at least about 5 km trip)it really runs quiet, except for starts when it seems just as loud as before on Shell 10W-30. It could be the higher viscosity or maybe the molly (although pretty low ~70ppm IIRC) in Delvac that did the trick. I recall that someone here (Patman???) once said that GTX and Syntec have the same/similar additive package, therefore TBN shuld not drop too much in such a mix. I know that mixing is OK but would like to call upon the collective wisdom of the board to be sure. Any points of view greatly appreciated. LOVE THIS BOARD! [HAIL 2 U!] I am an oil nut and proud of it Tnaks
It wouldn't have been me mentioning GTX and Syntec were similar, because their additive packages are quite different.
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