Does Redline need LC?

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Oct 21, 2003
Central California
Many here advocate using LC in their oils to increase its solvency?

Does this apply to Redline oils which I understand works a bit differently than others?

Just trying to find the perfect oil/mix for me. (Actually for my car.)
I think that you might be asking to wrong question. I think you should be asking if you car needs Lube Control. THe best way to find out is to try it and then sample your oil. THe results could be slightly better then Redline alone or they could be dramaticly better. What about other areas, like power steering system, transmission, differientials? It can also be used as a slow flush or a strong flush depending on treatment rate.

It is going to improve all oils that it is used with. The question is weather or not your margin of return will justify it's use!
John is RIGHT ON.

Try it and sample to verify. I have found LC works great as a oxidation control device in Redline oils.

I prefer Auto-RX as a flush or cleaning regime.
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