Does my car just hate Autocraft batteries, or what

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Feb 23, 2009
It's starting to look like another battery is on it's way out... Since I've replaced the Delco battery in my Cobalt (in the trunk), the replacement Autocraft golds do not seem to be up to snuff. I've noticed when I make a short trip (even after a long one)many times the car just barely starts. Never had this problem with the delco. It had me thinking that there was issues with the car. I've had the starter and alt tested a few times, both came back fine. Checked for draws, nothing. Had the battery tested, and it failed. After 6 months. Last one barely made 3 years.... Kinda stumped....maybe voltage regulator? Car is fine otherwise, but this is making me OCD....
Chances are you got the alternator tested in the parking lot of an auto parts store, right after a start, during the high charge phase. Try testing it fully charged, after running 45 minutes or more at highway or near highway speeds. Check all your engine and chassis grounds. Remove them, burnish the metal, put them back on and then paint over them or spray them with NoCo. Degrease your battery terminals thoroughly, inside and out, burnish them with a battery wire brush, replace, avoid all lubricants that can get in between, spray with NoCo. Finally, research battery replacement warranties, carefully. smile
Are you a short tripper? No matter what battery I have my short trips to and from work with radio, hvac, defroster and headlights will drag my autocraft gold down below 70% easily on a weekly basis. I will occasionally idle the car while on break with no accessories running while I'm on eating at work and that helps or if it gets really low when I have time I pull the battery and fully charge it. I've had this issue before and after I got a new alternator recently and I have a real volt meter installed I monitor charging and resting voltage daily. Without the idling to help charge I am around 12.40v after sitting overnight parked. With the idle help I come up to about 12.55v after sitting overnight. Our lifestyles are hard on batteries....
If the car is never driven long distances on a start and the battery wasn't at full charge on installation, which it probably wasn't, it'll probably never see a full charge, so it's destined to live a short life. I have a twenty five miles commute each way, and my wife typically commutes at least fifteen miles each way, so we don't have any battery life problems, even with aftermarket batts.
I forgot to add that, glad you're mentioned it. Most batteries are put into service with low charges. Always best to bring the battery home and fully charge it before being put on to service if possibly or ask the auto parts store to charge it before you leave.
Could be a load that is intermittent. I recently found a vehicle (2001 Impala) that sometimes does not turn off the audio amplifier for the back speakers. The radio turns off and there is no sound coming from the speakers, but the amp for the back speakers can stay on and draw about one amp. This is the stock factory amp and radio. It destroyed a couple of batteries before I found the problem.
Some good points all around. Battery is clean in the back, keeping it in the trunk helps. (still odd for a compact though) I do have to finish checking all the connections...though I am not sure if there is a draw or not. Car is a short tripper, as I only live about 4 miles from work at the moment. There are days where I get driving it a bit, while others it's just a few short miles each day.. I am taking my time with it for now, as the car runs fine otherwise. Life must be harder for a trunk battery, as my other two do not have this issue at all (granted for these I buy much higher CCAs)
Guess my Battery really doesn't hate me as much....everything came back normal, even the battery! Surprise! Short trips make this battery not like my much...gotta take her for longer drives it seems.....
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Would a solar powered float charger do the trick in this situation? I know you can pick them up at Harbor Freight pretty cheap.
I like that idea!
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