Does Magnatec do what all oils do?

Step 7 would be profit. The point of the joke is to have an unknown (???) step following everything you list doing, and then, after this unknown step, then profit

But really, where is the steal underpants step?
So, I just picked up a jug. Walmart had what *appears* to have been an unsealed jug...

Is it normally that dark amber color?

I know some feel Walmart sells "used motor oil" but I digress. The QSAD I bought.. it was as simple as "open the cap, pour the oil." No extra step, like with the Supertech, or really weird Valvoline caps (which I agree, it would be pretty impossible to put used motor oil in and return those.)

I could maybe pour it into something clear, but I know my favorite Ester oil, Redline, has that dark color too so..

Is it normally that darker color, even from first pour?
step 1: track down BITOGers identity

step 2: find their car

step 3: break into their car and pop hood

step 4: use oil extractor to remove oil

step 5: add kirkland 5w20

step 6: ????