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Feb 21, 2004
My question to you so called expert on synthic oil. Does it really matter since Mobil 1 synthetic is so much improved by the virgin oil analysis, that it wouldn't really matter using Amsoil series 2000 vs Mobil 1 with oil change within 10,000 mile range. It seems these two synthetic oil are the most popular and Mobil 1 can be easily purchased at Walmart, I'm wondering if Mobil 1 got an edge in it's availablity and marketing if both perform to it's equal. Been an Amsoil user, but Walmart is just down the block....
1-I'm no expert
2-What car?
3-Mobil 1 seems to be as good as Amsoil. The latter is "marketed" as a superduperluper long drain interval kind of oil. In recent tests, Mobil showed impressive result to 18k miles....Amsoil is being tested at the moment.
4-If you decide to go with M1, then go to Cotsco or Sam's Club.....much cheaper than Wally's.

I've got a 97 Ford Ranger 3.0...been please with Amsoil, have no regrets but after seeing all the oil analysis, Amsoil holds up well never tried Mobil 1, plan on keeping the Ranger for another 10 years. Just an opinion,,,,
I'd give the M1 10W-30 a try and compare to Amsoil. M1 is a good oil made better by its price.
Not all engines can go 10k on an oil interval for various reasons not related to oil quality .

The 4 buck a quart Mobil is a reasonably safe bet at 7500 for many engines though .

Geeze I bet they are selling a bunch of that oil these days ... 19 bucks for a 5 quart jug at Walmart !

They should put that cool 0w-40 they make in those jugs .............
Well if they are thought to be equal (I don't agree) then its either pay your $$ to a big global oil company like Exxon/Mobil or US made and US (Superior,WI) based company's products.
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