Does Fuel Injector Cleaner degrade one's motor oil??

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May 28, 2002
I was wondering what the best fuel injector cleaner was and so I posted in on another board...and one person came back saying he's heard to use these products only when changing the oil as it "mucks it up". True? Will fuel injector products ruin/poison/or otherwise contaminate a motor oil or was this person thinking "oil additives"???

Anyways, any opionions on the best fuel injector cleaner? Or are they all the same? ie. is the $3 bottle the same as the $15?? Any to stay away from ie. aren't safe?
It really shouldn't have too much of an effect on your oil, because in a solid engine you aren't getting much fuel contamination in the oil anyways, so that cleaner won't really have a way of getting in there that easily.
The only case I'd worry about would be when cleaners are used directly and not part of the fuel mix. Some products have an alternate application method where you pull plugs or dump large amounts into the intake and let sit for a time. In those cases the cleaner is certain to make it into the oil which is why those methods should be followed by an oil change. (Or, why they should only be used when you're about to change the oil anyway.)

My generalization for the day: if it goes in with the gas, don't worry. If it's poured into the engine, evaluate further.

IIRC, the instructions for Techron (the well respected Chevron product) call for an oil change IF you do a double treatment (one bottle each in two tanks of gas).

I've used that and also the Redline product; both 'seem' to work, the RL is considerably less expensive and given its lower treat rate and claimed suitability for continuous use is likely more gentle.

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