Does anyone have any problems with discount tire?

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Sep 6, 2013
I've gone with them since I got my first car, never really had a problem except a guy being pushy about my TPMS sensors being rebuilt once. On the other side, at other shops I've mostly seen ridiculous tire prices or ignoring of my emails. At tirediscounters in when I was in KY, they wanted $330 for ONE tire that I could have had a full set installed for $400 at discount tire! Ridiculous.
Had a good experience with DTD taking care of an issue. They built the stores around here a few years ago so not familiar with them. I do like how they perform free flat repairs and only do tire work. Unlike Firestone that tries to sell you $2000 worth of unneeded maintenance services like spark plugs, trans service flush etc...
I had a couple of issues with a local store. A well written letter to corporate got their attention and things handled to my satisfaction.still the best place to buy tires
No problems. One time, they rotated my tires and told me that the wheel center cap on one had fallen off. In the process, it had gotten damaged and could not be inserted (and stay in). Not ever thinking that this could happen, I just drove home with it and never thought about it. Later, I called them and the guy on the phone offered to order a new one. They called and left a message when it came in, and I drove up (after waiting in line) and they had me out the door within 5 mins. Wasn't happy about the cap falling off, but I was happy with the classy way they handled it. And I've been buying from them for about 10-12 years now, so I've gone there plenty for rotations as well as purchases. I've enjoyed their low prices and great prorates for years now. I've never had a problem with any rebate from them, either. One time I bought tires too early (took advantage of a sale and bought tires for my Civic before they hit 2/32). At first they weren't going to give me the prorate, but I complained and they hit a key on the keyboard and took care of me. I don't know what other tire stores would have done in that situation, but I was happy enough.
I had to think back really hard just to remember how long I have been shopping at DT. I think its been 17-18 years now. I really like them a lot, I will never spend my money at any other tire company. Previous to DT, I shopped at Winston Tire Co. (out of business now), and Pep Boys. Way to many customer service issues at the two local PB's where I used to live. And, Winston always tried to add on/up sale until the sales person was blue in the face, and I was red in the face. One time DT scratched some after market wheels I bought from them. The tech scratched the face of one wheel about a half inch long by the valve stem. The manager apologized profusely and sincerely, then sent the wheel out for repair. They put on a loaner wheel that was same color as the other wheels, so it didn't look to hideous. Within a few days I had my wheel back and repaired to brand new looking. The manager approached me about it. I probably wouldn't have seen the scratch until I washed the car a couple weeks down the road. But, the manager owned the mishap and fixed it ASAP. Turns out the tech approached the manager to let him know about his mistake. Kudos to both. Another time a new tech didn't put any balancing weights or properly inflate a set of Yokohama's. When I got onto the freeway right next to the store, my car was vibrating, and wobbling. I immediately went back, and the assistant manager apologized profusely, showed signs of embarrassment, and refunded the installation fees, then personally balanced the tires himself. I was a very happy customer. No excuses, no [censored]. I didn't ask for anything, but the manager went above and beyond. I have the utmost respect for Discount Tire. No person or company is perfect. The ones that own their mistake and make it right immediately without any [censored], or excuses get my hard earned dollars time-after-time.
They just fixed my tire today because I had a screw in it. Everything went well I just had to remind the tech that I did not want weights on the outside
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I had them swap out some Yokohamas for Michelins after I put about 1000 miles on the Yokohamas. They didn't even hesitate when I asked for an exchange.
I've always had good experiences at DT, I don't even shop around if I need tires I just wait for one of their holiday sales and buy then. I'm a huge Costco fan and usually blindly buy whatever Costco sells, but tires I still go to DT.
I have been using the same DT store since 1997, but have been using them before that too. Only twice in the past 25 years have I been to another tire shop. Once was to Pep Boys for some cheap tires for a truck I knew I was getting rid of (after rebates and sale prices it was like $125 for 4 tires mounted and balanced). The second one was I had bought some used tires and brought them to a local fly by night tire shop to get them mounted (actually traded the rims the tires were on for the mount and balance). Only a few minor problems with them in all that time. Once I was pulling out and the center cap came off and rolled into traffic and was run over. An employee saw it and went and got it, by the time I got back inside the store, the manager was already on the phone getting me a new one ordered for me at no cost. thumbsup Bought a set of tires for my Elantra (Goodyear Comfortread, counter guy talked me in to them) and within 10 mies I hated them. Went back and they took them off and upgraded me to some TripleTreads at no cost. thumbsup When I had the tires on my truck installed last year (store matched DTD $100 off ad. Cost was supposed to be $740 total with tax, tires, mounting, balancing and certs, but walked out paying $600 out the door), I wanted one of the "good" old tires put onto the spare rim. They took the good tire and rim and stuck that as the spare and put a new tire on the spare tire rim (I have 5 matching rims, but the spare rim has a huge gouge in it). I saw it as I was about to leave. Told the manager and he went out and switched them himself. thumbsup In his hurry, he grabbed a chrome valve stem instead of a black one. I did not notice it till a few days later. Not a huge deal, but when I went back to get the tires rotated and a bolt removed/patched last week, they took care of it for me. thumbsup My mom goes there exclusively also. I have called the store and told them what she needed and they take care of her. They did mess up one time and did not pro-rate her tires with certs when she got new ones (I think it was under my phone number, not hers, she did not know). One call and they credited her with the difference. thumbsup By waiting for their sales and using their credit card, I have been able to get some really good tire deals.
We have purchased our last 3 sets at DT. No issues to speak of. The best part is that they didn't damage the wheels during the tire installation. That's what made me change from the shop that I had been using for several years.
Never had any problems there, been going for over 15+ years. The few times when a wheel stud has been damaged, they've given a voucher to go to a local shop that takes care of the repair. I've never been hassled or swayed toward a certain tire and the rotation/balances are always pretty quick even when the shops are packed.
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