Does anybody want a UOA on Brad Penn?

I'm thinking about running a 4,000 mile interval of BradPenn 5w-30 in my GF's Mercury Mountaineer. This oil is cheap so I'll do a "Patman Flush" of dumping the oil, filling it with Brad Penn, running it for a few minutes, dumping it again, and refilling it. I was gonna switch her over to Bobzoil, but have been interested in this locally manufactured oil for a while. If anybody else wants to see it, I'll do a VOA & a UOA @ 4,000 miles before going to Schaeffer's. If nobody is interested I'll just go with Schaeffer's.


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Originally posted by medic: oops!
What's the oops for? [Smile] I say go for it, I'd be interested in seeing how this oil works out.
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I know this thread is 2 years old, but did yiu ever get that UOA for this oil? I am very interested in running it in my GM 4.3. I only live about 40 miles south of Bradford so finding it won't be to bad.