Does anybody else love Google Earth?

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Jun 2, 2003
It's great stuff. Check it out, if you haven't. Even the free version is extremely useful, not to mention entertaining. For PC and Mac (OS 10.4 and up, I think). Google Earth
Yep, I can see my parent's house and driveway on it. Can sort of see my street. Can definitely see my place of work..both of them, although the pics are old.
Originally posted by simple_gifts: I think I can see Pablo's rock.
[LOL!] [LOL!] [LOL!]
Originally posted by Master ACiD: funny last time i tried area 51 it wouldnt pull it up. now it works.
Your clearance must have been approved [Big Grin]
Funny, commercial aircraft may not fly directly over Groom Lake, because someone might glance down from 30,000 feet, but you can get a pretty detailed view on Google Earth.
Originally posted by Master ACiD: wonder why "area 51" doesnt work.
It does on mine, lots of detail. Pehaps your BBR security clearance isn't up to date.
Does anybody know an application other than Google Earth that can open a .kmz file? I'd like to save my waypoint data also in a text file.
Moribundman, I think kmz can be opened with WinZip to reveal the real Google Earth file. KmZ is a zipped file.
I tried that, thanks. I get a doc.kml file, but my text editing program shows it pretty much garbled. What Mac application can open a doc.kml file properly?
I think kml is a Google Earth file and cannot be opened with any other program. So there is no Google Earth for Mac? Time to upgrade to a Windows machine [Smile]
Didn't I clearly state I was using Google Earth? [Razz] I am using Google Earth with no issues at all. I just wanted to keep my waypoints in a text file. Copying and pasting hundreds of coordinates is just a little tedious.
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