Does Agip make a good synthetic?

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Jul 10, 2003
I have been hearing that European oils are superior to NA oils. Following this logic, are oils from Agip up there (performance) along with German Castrol?


I have a case of Agip 5W-40 "Synthetic PC" that I intend to do a VOA on as soon as my kit comes from Blackstone. This will give us an initial impression (e.g purity, additive package, TBN, viscosity). It is a Mercedes 229.3 oil which puts it in very good company. I will also do a UOA, but that won't be for a while yet. So while I don't have a definitive answer for you, we will at least have an impression soon. My guess is not many on this board have experience with Agip oils...maybe someone will pop up and prove me dead wrong on that count.
well, i almost did have some exp. w/ it but chickened out last christmas on buying some when shipping turned out to be like $30 making it like almost $6 a qt for it. but now, now im gonna definetely do it since i got a car that now requires it. course, itll be after i use up the existing Liqui-Moly 0w-40 (10 litres). Although AGIP is really a GREAT oil. AGIP used to be THE oil supplier for Ferrari until Shell beat them out (all about money i guess), right about the time M. Schumacher went from Benetton to Ferrari I think?
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