Does a VOA cost the same as a UOA?

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May 21, 2005
Augusta Ga
I have some Toyota TIV fluid I would like to VOA.

Do I just send it in to blackstone like a UOA?
Does it cost the same?
Sorry.. its a dumb question but I just wondered if it was any cheaper than a UOA...

My guess is probably not any cheaper than a UOA>.
When I had VOAs done on some Mopar Manual Trans fluid and some Euro LubroMoly oil, it cost the same at Schaeffer Lab. I'd assume it costs the same at most places. Seems to me that the lab has to do the same process, only the results are different.
Some oil analysis companies will do the VOA for free if they don't have it in their VOA library.

It doesn't hurt to ask.
Yeah, I think Stinky Peterson (RIP) from Butler was offering to do free VOAs on fluids which they haven't had on file yet.

But generally, yes, expect to pay the same for VOA as for UOA.
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