Dodge Pickup 2.5 year OCI!!!

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Jun 17, 2002
High Springs, Florida
Neighhbor informed me she had the oil changed in her husbands Dodge V8 pickup. She said it hadn't been changed in over 2 and a half years! Should something special be done with it? Off the top of my head, I would run it for a week or less, then change again.

I guess it came out like molassas, according to the comments of mechanic changing it.
How much do you want to bet that the engine will now grenade in the near future, be diagnosed as a lubrication failure, then she (or her husband) will blame the mechanic who did the oil change?

How old is the pickup?
About 10 years ago, one of the best friends of one of my sons had his Toyota pickup, which he'd bought new, suffer massive engine failure. The dealer said the engine was shot. Turned out the kid had never changed the oil or oil filter since picking the truck up new at the dealer. The truck had 70 something thouand miles on it. The kid said he just didn't have the time to change the oil and oil filter or to have someone else change it. What a waste of a great truck.
They'll probably just sell it before anything happens and the next owner will complain that Dodge engines don't last.

Maintenance records add a lot of resale value if I'm the buyer of a used vehicle.
my sisters tempo was like that. she didnt change the oil for over a year. when she took it in. the mechanic was in horror at the chocolate syrup comming out. he said the engine wouldnt last 3 weeks. well he was right the engine threw a rod 2 weeks after. sometimes a person must learn the hard way about doing oil changes.
Somebody at my college is going on 80,000 Miles and no oil change in a 02 4.7L Dodge Ram. Im expecting to pull in and see it smoking one morning.
80k miles without an oil change is not necessarily an engine's death sentence. Under the following circumstances (in a non-sludge-prone engine), I don't think 80k miles without an oil change would kill an engine, IF:

1. Group IV synthetic oil used
2. Properly functioning pcv system
3. Filter changes every 20k miles.
4. Oil kept at full level at all times.
5. No coolant contamination

IMHO, there would be greater than average wear metals present, but I don't think the engine would be full of sludge.
Some vehicles just see to survive this treatment better than others. In general, I would say imports are the ones that can. And some people, for whatever reason, just think that changing oil is unecessary and a 'scam'.

My FIL has an old 1985 Nissan P/U that he got from his father about three years ago. Hasn't changed the oil since he got it, about 30,000 kilometers. He does have to top it off a lot, about 1 litre a month, so I guess its survivig that way. Seems to run okay, not great, but okay!
have heard that the engine will not brake untill the oil is changed. I guess when all that build up breaks up and clogs up all the holes.

as far as the 4.7 ram. I bet it wont be long. even though its not a sludge prone engine. they have sludged up quick when not doing reg oic or using syns. you need to tell him that engine is like 7 grand new. would love to see the valve covers pulled on that engine.
Reminds me of a buddy of mine some years back. He had an '81 Lincoln Town Car he bought used and never changed the oil. Just kept topping it off every now and then. This went on for about three years. Turns out he doesn't know how to change the oil. I told him to bring it by my house and I'd show him how. He shows up with a case of oil, two filters, and two cans of GUNK engine flush. I tell him I'll change his oil, but in no way will I use the GUNK. I tell him his car will throw a rod in a week. I climb under the car and pull the drain plug. Nothing. I get a piece of wire and work it in the drain hole and am rewarded with something that closely resembles roofing tar. (Yes, the motor was hot when we did this). We let it drain, (for lack of a better word), all afternoon. Replaced drain plug, replaced oil filter, filled it with motor oil. I go inside to get a beer, he pours in the GUNK and fires up the motor. I come out with two beers, (one for him), and he tells me what he did. We drain oil and replace filter. This was on a Sunday afternoon. Friday afternoon, he calls me standed on the side of the road. I go to pick him up - Lincoln has thrown a rod.
This is why manufacturers are starting to use synth as factory fill and free maintenance. With the prevalence of leases, nobody is going change the oil or really do any maintenance if they are only going to have th car for a couple of years.

At least with synth in there, some bozo can run it for over a year without changing the oil and the engine will have some chance of survival.
It's a Girl who drives the 4.7 she is about as dense as they come. So I dont even bother anymore. She runs that thing hard too. Its one of the reasons I got a Ram with a 4.7 I was thinking "If it can survive that then surely it can go to 200K with no prob with good maintenance".
These are usually the people who say Dodge makes a crappy product. They never change the oil and it blows up. Hate to tell them same thing is going to happen to a Chevy or Ford.
My '68 volvo has about 22 months on its current OCI. The miles are about 200-500, though. Oil still looks new on the dipstick and it leaks out fast enough to just about change itself and is rarely started. I'm sure I'll let it pass 2.5 years.
This kind of stuff happens more than people think. I had on coworker buy a brand new ford 4X4 truck. He told me it is not economical to change the oil. He than pulled out his calculator to prove his point.
Surprisingly the truck made it to 101,000 miles just adding oil when it needed it.

Than he sold it to another coworker. Two months later the motor blew up on the other coworker. New owner complained at what a lousy product Ford made.

Another coworker was bragging about the fact he had never changed his oil on his Nissan just added when it needed it. He had 78,000 miles on it since he bought it new. He traded it in a few months later. Wonder what the new owner got?
Do they care about the truck? Why did they let the maintenance slide so long? If they care, see if they will run a two-dose Auto-Rx routine. If not, tell them to keep their checkbook handy and be ready to buy a new truck.

I'd be interested in knowing how many miles they got over 2.5 years. If it was 2,000 miles it wouldn't be that bad... but I average 40,000 miles per year so 2.5 years would be rediculous even with Amsoil.

Talk about just asking your engine to die...
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