Dodge MDS lube/operation

Nov 15, 2013
Los Alamos
Dodge 08 Ram 1500 5.7 hemi: Since MDS lube is kind of fussy, how does one tell when the MDS is operating so we can evaluate different lubes? Apparently Dodge did not include any annunciator for this. How is one to tell for the sake of fuel consumption? One web site gives details on a dashboard LED connected to a computer wire, but this is messy. I suspect it connects to one of the solenoids at 12v. Don't like to get into computer wires even if an LED draws only a few miliamps. I'm BSEE and this vehicle and its service manual is far too complicated in the electronics design and documentation. Oh for a Porsche 356 where the wiring diagram will almost fit on the palm of your hand.