Dodge Charger in winter weather

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Nov 20, 2013
Eastern Wa.
I was wondering how a 2012-2014 RWD Charger would do in the snow with snow tires on all four corners? We get about 60 inches of snow a year and there are some hills. I know the charger is a heavy car with good weight distribution. I figure with modern safety features, snow tires, and common sense these cars would be alright in the snow.
I think with snow tires, a RWD car like that would easily out drive most cars with all seasons.

A little common sense is more than most drivers have nowadays...
I would find an AWD one for piece of mind. If it's you driving it exclusively, and you have experience, you'll probably do fine. I wouldn't want my wife driving it. Been there, and never felt safe.
With 4 quality winter tires?

Your limits are snow plowing due to the Charger's ground clearance and other drivers running into your new car.
I have an 06 RT Charger which I drove all last year in blizzards and -40 weather. The traction control system is absolutely stellar. I drove on summer skins til December,so 2 months of snowy conditions and only in December did I finally get tired of the traction control neutering wheel power and got dedicated winter tires and I gotta say it handles absolutely beautifully in snow,ice,hard pack and fluff,not once did I get stuck once winter tires were installed.
My charger is a fantastic winter vehicle and with winter tires can go just about anywhere
So no problems to report. Although being a Canadian I'm no stranger to snow.
You will be disappointed by the fact that you will have a hard time drifting it in the snow. The first snowstorm with the winter tires on the Focus I brought it out to get a feel for it. No sliding at all.

I know they come with super wide tires from the factory. Any chance you can go down a wheel size or two to get something skinnier and with more sidewall?
You will figure out what you can and can't do with the car.
Figure out how to disable your TC for low speed maneuvers or even city driving in general, never park nose downhill if you have to back out.
I'd also get some winter tires with some square edges on the corners of the tires. These let the tire cut down through snow and slush when the tire is sliding sideways and that is nice with the back end out a little with a RWD car.
Pretty much any car with good snow tires will be just fine. Unless you're pushing significant snow with the front bumper, you should have no issues.
Like everyone has said, a set of snows makes a world of difference. Of course you could always wind-up in an ice, hill or depth situation where you can't get out without a push or tug, but that's the case with any dive configuration.
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A set of old antique snows made my 1994 tbird a tank .. 15 years ago... with modern snows I cant Imagine you having any issues that aren't driver error, or you plowing snow due to low ground clearance.

Blizzack ws-80's are out this year as well.

And getting extremely good reviews.
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