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Jun 16, 2003
Edmonton, AB Canada
Hey gang, My brother-in-law doesn't have the manual for his 1999 Dodge Caravan AWD, with a 3.8L engine. Does anyone know where on the web I can find the maintenance specifications for this van? Particularly the factory suggested OCI? Thanks
I have my '99 Voyager manual in front of me. Mine is 2wd, but the book seems to cover all engine sizes. Schedule A Engine oil at 6 months or 7,500 miles. Filter every other change (except 2.4 L engine, change filter at every oil change). Schedule B Engine oil at 3,000 miles, no mention of months (odd). Filter same as above. Of course, most of us here change the filter at every oil change. A good site for info on Chryslers is: Hope this helps.
I've got the Factory Service Manual (FSM). It has two schedules in it. Schedule A is 'change engine oil at 7500 miles (12000km)or at 6 months' and 'replace engine oil filter on 2.4 liter engines'. At 15000 miles (24000km)or 12 months it says 'change engine oil and replace engine oil filter'. Basically, schedule A is change engine oil every 7500 miles or six months, and oil and filter every 15000 miles or 12 months, UNLESS you have the 2.4 in which case it's oil and filter every 7500 miles or six months. Schedule B is at 3000 miles (5000km) 'change engine oil' and 'replace filter on 2.4 liter engine'. At 6000 miles (10000km) 'change engine oil' and 'replace engine oil filter'. and so on and so on. Basically schedule B is oil every 3000 miles for any engine. Filter on the 2.4 liter every 3000 miles and filter on all other engines every 6000 miles. It says schedule A is for normal operation, and schedule B is for - frequent short trips less than 5 miles, frequent driving in dusty conditions, frequent trailer towing, extensive idling, more than 50% of driving is at sustained high speeds during hot weather, above 90f, or use of E-85 (ethanol fuel) in the 3.3 liter engine. Holy cow, you'd think a lawyer wrote this stuff. I guess Chrylser had GREAT fatih in it's oil filter to recommend 15000 and 6000 mile intervals and every other oil change. Oh, by the way, let your brother-in-law know that the all wheel driver power transfer unit fluid should be changed at 15000 miles, and the all wheel drive overrunning clutch and rear carrier fluid should be changed at 21000 miles. Tranny fluid is every 15000 miles. [ March 20, 2004, 03:48 AM: Message edited by: rcy ]
I've got an '01 GC AWD 3.8L and I will echo the need to replace these three gear boxes regularly. The extended service says to change these every 50 or 60K miles. The short maintenance every ~15 to 20K miles. I do mine every year. The power transfer unit has to be sucked out with a suctin gun. It is in the front of the rear axle. Replace the fluid with either the Mopar 80W90 or your favorite synthetic. The overrunning clutch is in front of the rear diff. It takes ATF+4. The rear diff takes gear oil and has 10mm hex drain and fill plugs. It may take you an hour to do all three with ramps. My dealer wanted $250 to do all three. PM me if you want the sheets from the FSM for these three -- it also lists capacities. I doubt they have differed much from the pre '01 vans. Grease [ March 21, 2004, 10:11 AM: Message edited by: Grease is the word ]
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