Do you stretch any maintenance items beyond the OEM Service Interval?

Aug 30, 2004
I recognize many of us service our engine oil and driveline fluids more frequently than required OEM intervals. However, are there any maintenance items that you will service less frequently than the recommended OEM interval?

If so, which ones and why?
Yes. My OCI is "red" because I'm a month overdue and haven't been able to find a shop which will let me bring my own oil. It has been on the back of my mind for 3 weeks now.
Brake fluid I feel can go 3 years, unless explicitly called out by the fluid manufacturer and CAFs I let go until visibly dirty beyond “normal” but before gross.
Coming up on 2 years since my last engine oil and filter change in the 530i. Alas, it's only been 4k miles during this time. I can't remember if BMW requires an annual OCI, regardless of miles. The car's OLM certainly isn't complaining.
I'm surprised that no one has made a comment about 2-yr brake fluid or 1/10K cabin air filter intervals yet.
I test my brake fluid somewhat regularly. I've been thinking about checking/replacing the CAF as I'm coming up on 2yrs/10K. The filter is purchased and in the Camry's trunk.

I tend to be proactive when it comes to maintenance, at least to the point learning what a problem might be and then taking appropriate action.
or 1/10K cabin air filter intervals yet
It seems to me that changing that is very much dependent on your "environment". Some people need to change them yearly while others can go 2-3 years. Depending on the car, if you go to the effort to check it, you might as well replace it if the amount of work is enough. My wife's car and my car involve close to a dozen fasteners, dashboard trim pieces, kick panels, etc so when I do that work, a new one is going in. On our Hondas, other than a bunch of crap in the glove box (ooops, it dumped on the floor), it takes 2 minutes to check.
Cabin air filters. Well I should say filter, because I don't think any vehicle I have had before my 17 Nissan Frontier has had one. The Frontier I think probably has the original in it, and has 34k on it. Shoot, still blows hard from the vents, so I don't work about it. Also the other thing is brake fluid. I have had a lot of vehicles in my 63 years of driving, and only replaced brake fluid if doing some brake work that needed it.
For me, plugs in 17 Subaru 3.6 OB. Manual calls for 60k despite factory Iridium. I went 105k and mine looked darn good. Also agree with hall on cabin filters. In my area and my driving conditions, they will last double with no issues. That is in multiple vehicles over the years.
There is a certain degree of irony in that you want a specific oil for some reason yet you'll allow the maintenance interval to run long.......
Indeed. The issue was that last month I had to go out of town for approx 2 weeks in total and the shop I intended on using said "Nyet, LiquiMoly only because we offer XYZ guarantee", others are so backed up that they're 2 weeks before I can get in or it's an all day affair. In any case I'm over on time (1 yr) but the oil itself only has about 4k miles on it.

I need to do it myself but currently don't have the energy to argue about it. That may change this weekend.

The dealership would've been so much cheaper and only about 1.5 hrs of my time but no I have to experiment.
I've never proactively exchanged brake fluid in anything I've ever owned or driven my entire life. I'm not sure if being in the arid SW where humidity might as well be registered in negative numbers plays into that, or I'm just a terrible human being.

I imagine many BITOG members stretch engine oil OCI's beyond manufacturer specs?

I mostly own trucks and tend to ignore differential fluid indefinitely....I guess I figure I'll eventually do a wheel seal or something and maybe pop the cover at that time.
Air filters, and a bit off topic but you better believe I'll get the stated mileage out of a set of tires. Ran the last set I replaced till the bulge shaked so bad I couldn't drive over 60. I know, unsafe... I was angry at the tires for being technically gone at 2/3 their life.

Newer vehicles generally have such slack maintenance guidelines it's almost hard to go further.
Spark plugs is a common one. I exceed the OE spec interval, but I also install longer-lasting plugs, too. Especially when the job is difficult (transverse V6, 4th gen F-body, etc)

Cabin filters I typically only do every other year instead of every year. Air filters are also usually not replaced as frequently as the manual says to do.

Timing belts on a non-interference engine

I'm usually the final owner of any car I buy, mostly older high-mileage cars. They typically get one set of spark plugs and one coolant change. The car will rust before those services are needed again.

If I had a newer Toyota with the 2GR-FKS, I'd stretch the 60k spark plug interval to 100k
I recognize many of us service our engine oil and driveline fluids more frequently than required OEM intervals. However, are there any maintenance items that you will service less frequently than the recommended OEM interval?

If so, which ones and why?
On the SRT, I don't change the oil every 6 months like I'm supposed to, I just go by the OLM because that's otherwise insane.