Do you speak any languages other than English?

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Mar 17, 2008
I know we have BITOG members from around the world here and many smart members. I am curious if you speak a foreign language and which one(s). I can barely speak English.... Lol
Nein, früher konnte ich Deutsch sprechen, but lost most of it it due to non-use.
Even though English is the official business language of the E.U. it helps to know some languages over there so you get how their brain works and you can modify your sentence structure in English to get your point across. I did know a kid in college that was fluent in Japanese and was brought to business meetings to listen and observe the comments spoken and written in notes between Japanese business men. Ever thought about your thinking process before you knew a language? What's the internal dialogue of an infant?
I was stationed in Germany back in the mid 80's for 2 years and learned enough German to order a beer "Ich möchte ein Bier, bitte." and say thank you "Ich danke Ihnen" and that was enough. Later in college I took a class in German but struggled to get a "D" and never took another foreign language class until pre mob training for Iraq deployment in 07 and we spent about 3-4 days with Iraq language teachers and did lots on online training. I do not recall much of it anymore. I do , however consider myself fairly fluent in both profanity and sarcasm.
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Nein, früher konnte ich Deutsch sprechen, but lost most of it it due to non-use.
Ich, auch.
I can speak three languages and am a master of none. I'm first generation American as my parents are from Poland. I can speak Polish and Hebrew.
English, Russian. I am thinking about studying Spanish. Makes it hard to do my job when people can't tell me they are dying. Irritating that I have to learn another language for some one else's needs, yet we are in the same situation. mad spank
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In addition to English, I am fluent in 4... Ukrainian, Polish, German, and Russian. It's always nice to know other languages as you never know when it might be useful smile
I can founder about with the bit of German I learned in high school. Since I'm humanly sensitive and irresistibly urbane I can pick the most necessary words and get a point across. My grammar isn't bad, it's non=existent. WANT AN OLDIE BUT A GOODIE? .....You do! GREAT What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages? What do you call someone who speaks 3 languages?.....tri-lingual. What do you call someone who speaks 1 language?.......American.
Nope.....tried to learn a bit of Spanish from my Mexican born wife. Let's just say I've failed miserably. She gets a bit of flak for her accent sometimes though. I tell her that the next time some gringo clown makes fun of you.....tell them you are fluent in two languages. Then ask them how many THEY speak. That usually shuts up the old pie hole!
Maori is an official language in New Zealand, and although I don't speak it (not many do) it is in such common use with place names, flora and fauna and phrases, I know enough to know what they are referring to.
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Spanish fluently. I look 100% American with blue eyes, freaks out some Hispanics when I start speaking perfect spanish. .
That is fantastic. I'll bet you unintentionally catch a few discussions not meant to be understood.
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