Do ya'll think GC is here for 2005 ?

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
I know a couple of the local AZ's around me have pulled it off the shelf.

There is one AZ that had it on the top shelf and it was always full from the front of the shelf to the back. They never did offer it at closeout but I just swung by there today to pickup some windshield washer fluid, and either some crazy BITOGER thought he hit the MotherLoad and bought them all but the entire stock was gone. Label was still on the rack so I'm not sure if it's disocontinued at that particular store or not - prices at $5.19
Go back and ask to talk to their commercial sales person. Ask if he has any oil on clearance for $1 a quart. They probably have it sitting in a box in the back waiting for one of their commercial customers to buy it.
Yes, but not in every store, particularly those where demand is low (like areas with warm climates)...I was just in LA on business and stopped by an Autozone in the San Pedro area...not even a place for it. Here in the Springs I believe it will continue to be available.
One AutoZone in my area got rid of the shelfspace for it when they clearanced their oils, and the GC itself just disappeared, and another one a couple miles away still stocks it. Who knows?
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